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RightEdge Beta 3 Released

Posted By billb 15 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday November 14 2006
Announcing RightEdge Beta 3

We're proud to announce the release of beta 3 of RightEdge.  The full list of new features is detailed below.

The software can be downloaded from the following URL:

Anyone who is a member of the site can now download the beta, free of charge.  If you haven't signed up already, click here (it's free, and we don't give out any of your information). 


RightEdge is built on top of the latest Microsoft .NET Framework.  Check to make sure the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 is installed on your computer.  If it is not installed, or you are not sure, please obtain this framework from

This is a free download.

Please visit our forums ( for all of the latest news and information and of course, to participate in our community.

Where We're At, Where We're Going

Beta 3 is considered feature complete for the 1.0 release.  This doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of loose ends to tie up before release.  We will be fixing the known problems and other shortcomings with the existing features between now and release.  Beta 3 has introduced a significant rewrite of core pieces of functionality to better accommodate futures, options and forex.  As a result, we expect that there may be some lingering problems.  We hope that you'll report these problems to us right away.  With that said, we also expect to release many "refreshes" between now and release as these problems are discovered and corrected.

  1. Drag and Drop Support
    The drag and drop support is functionally complete.  We have a number of cleanup and polish items as well as more triggers and actions to write.  We appreciate your feedback on the feature so far.
  2. Broker Support
    Interactive Brokers is the first of a few more brokers to come.  Expect more brokers in refresh releases.  Also, we're adding the ability (if supported by the broker) to "remember" opened orders and positions between program runs.
  3. Sample Systems
    Now that many of the underpinnings have been finalized, we expect to roll out some sample systems both in code and drag and drop.
  4. Improved User Experience
    Many items in the user interface will be cleaned up and navigation to core features will be improved.  More toolbar buttons and menu items will be added.
  5. Complete Documentation
    Naturally, we plan to complete the documentation before release.  Any suggestions for additional topics or clearer explanations on existing topics are greatly appreciated.

What's New

  • Broker Support

We've added our first broker that can automatically execute trades.  Interactive Brokers customers using that company's Trader Workstation product in conjunction with the API libraries can have RightEdge place trades automatically while a system is running.  Do not use RightEdge with a live account (use the Paper Trader account provided by Interactive Brokers) while RightEdge is a pre-release product.

  • Data Provider Support

We've added Open E Cry to our list of real time data providers.

  • System Parameters

System parameters variables that are defined in a system's properties.  They can be used from both code and drag and drop.  By defining this variables outside of code and allowing them to be manipulated from a system's settings are useful for system writers who do not wish to distribute system code, but would like to expose some settings to the end user.

  • Trading System Optimization

Optimization parameters can be specified for a system.  When a system is run in optimization mode, parameters are prompted for.  Parameters are configured in the Project window.  After the optimization run is completed, a summary screen is displayed to show the basic results of each run.  Full system results can be displayed for each run from the summary screen.

  • Drag and Drop Systems

Drag and drop is now feature complete.  Actions have been implemented so that when a trigger condition is met, an action can be tied to this condition.  Expect some samples of building systems through the drag and drop interface soon.  Also expect more triggers in the coming weeks.

  • Drawdown Curve

We've added an additional chart to the system results.  The Drawdown curve graphically demonstrates equity drawdown throughout the system run.


After the successful download of RightEdge, extract the zip file to a temporary directory and run the Setup application.  Follow the steps in the installation wizard and once the files are copied to their final destination, RightEdge is ready to use.


It is highly recommended that RightEdge is uninstalled before installing this refresh.  In addition to running the uninstall (located in the Start/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), it is recommended that the RightEdge program folder is completely removed.  After running the uninstall, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the RightEdge folder (the default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Yye Software) and delete this folder.

YOU MUST DELETE ALL PREVIOUSLY COLLECTED DATA.  Unfortunately, the changes made to the underlying data stores has rendered currently collected incompatible with this version.


RightEdge creates a program group in the Start Menu.  There are three items in the list, RightEdge, Getting Started Guide and RightEdge Developer Guide.  It is highly recommended that you take a look at the Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of navigating around the software and understanding key features.  Use the RightEdge Developer Guide to help build systems from code.  The RightEdge Developer Guide is now available online at

Reporting Problems

Beta testers have our full support resources available to them.  For the short term, it is recommended that you post any problems to our public forums so that others may benefit from the solution provided.  You may also use our support URL to send a message directly to our support staff at  We can also provide others means of support (telephone, instant messenger, etc) on a case by case basis.

We look forward to your feedback.

The RightEdge Development Team

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