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Beta 1 Refresh available / Release Notes

Posted By Admin 15 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday May 03 2006
RightEdge Beta 1 Refresh

We've done a refresh of beta 1 for RightEdge.  The software can be downloaded from the following URL:

Anyone who is a member of the site can now download the beta.


RightEdge is built on top of the latest Microsoft .NET Framework.  Check to make sure the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 is installed on your computer.  If it is not installed, or you are not sure, please obtain this framework from

This is a free download.

What's Fixed

We sent out beta 1 with data downloaded in the U.S. which caused some problems for folks outside of the U.S.  The newest installation does not contain sample data, however, it can be easily downloaded into your local format.  If you had difficulties with the initial beta, we invite you to try again and apologize for the inconvenience.

What's New

  • Live Data

We've enabled our preliminary live data features.  At this point any live data collected will be displayed in the Live Data pane.  Supported data feeds are through OpenTick (preferred provider) and Interactive Brokers.  We'll be interested in hearing your feedback and what live data features you'd like to see.  We're also interested in supporting other feeds, if yours is not listed, let us know and we'll make attempts to work with your provider.  Take note that these features are very much in their infant stage.  We'll be happy to take feedback to help shape this feature set moving forward.  Please take a look at forum post

for more information about configuring live data services.

  • New Indicators

We've been working hard on indicators over the last two weeks and have added the following indicators in this refresh:

  • Accumulation Swing Index
  • Commodity Selection Index
  • Forecast Oscillator
  • Intraday Momentum Index
  • Performance Indicator
  • Price Channel
  • Price Oscillator
  • Price Volume Trend
  • Range Indicator
  • Relative Momentum Index
  • Relative Volatility Index
  • Standard Deviation Channel
  • Standard Error Band
  • Standard Error Channel
  • Stochastic Momentum Index
  • Swing Index
  • Time Series Forecast
  • Tirone Levels
  • Variable Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Zig Zag

Don't see your favorite indicator in RightEdge?  Let us know!  We'll be glad to implement new indicators at no charge for our beta testers.


After the successful download of RightEdge, extract the zip file to a temporary directory and run the Setup application.  Follow the steps in the installation wizard and once the files are copied to their final destination, RightEdge is ready to use.


It is highly recommended that RightEdge is uninstalled before installing this refresh.  In addition to running the uninstall (located in the Start/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), it is recommended that the RightEdge program folder is completely removed.  After running the uninstall, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the RightEdge folder (the default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Yye Software) and delete this folder.


RightEdge creates a program group in the Start Menu.  There are three items in the list, RightEdge, Getting Started Guide and RightEdge Developer Guide.  It is highly recommended that you take a look at the Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of navigating around the software and understanding key features.  Use the RightEdge Developer Guide to help build systems from code.

Personal Help, Your Way

Our development staff is at your disposal.  We understand that documentation and samples are sparse this early in the game.  With that, we offer you personal help on a one to one basis.  Whether you prefer email, instant messenger or telephone, we're available to help with any question.  None are too big or small for us to answer.  We hope you'll take advantage of this resource.

Sharing Ideas

We believe beta 1 adopters are interested in shaping the software to be the best product it can be.  We not only welcome, but enjoy positive discussions and debate about the product as it is and what it will become.  We invite everyone to share their findings and suggestions in our forums.  Please ask your questions so that they may be answered to the benefit of everyone in our forums.

Reporting Problems

Beta testers have our full support resources available to them.  For the short term, it is recommended that you post any problems to our public forums so that others may benefit from the solution provided.  You may also use our support URL to send a message directly to our support staff at  We can also provide others means of support (telephone, instant messenger, etc) on a case by case basis.

We look forward to your feedback.

The RightEdge Development Team

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