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RightEdge suggestion forum at uservoice

Posted By dplaisted 12 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday January 28 2009
We have created a new feedback forum at  This forum lets you make suggestions for RightEdge and vote on the suggestions that are most important to you.  This will help us decide what to focus on for future releases.  The address is

Why create a new forum when you already have a suggestions forum here?
The current suggestions forum doesn’t provide us a way of measuring how many people want a feature and how important it is to them.  The uservoice forum should give us this information at a glance.

If I have a suggestion, should I post it on this forum or on the uservoice forum, or both?
If you have a concrete suggestion, then post it on the uservoice forum (or vote for it if it’s already been suggested).  If there’s something you want to do but you’re not exactly sure how it should work, then post it here for discussion.  If you're not sure, then just post it in either of the forums, and we'll add it to the other forum if appropriate.


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