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6/6 Beta Release Notes

Posted By Admin 15 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday June 07 2006

We wanted to drop a quick note regarding the RightEdge beta refresh available.  With your help, we encountered a few issues that we felt were important to address.  Some of the important items were:

- Chainable indicators would fail to plot on a drag and drop operation.
Chainable indicators suffered performance problems.
- Project files were using absolute paths preventing sharing.
- Multiple close order types for a position were not acting correctly.
- XML data store would fail on non-US locales.
- Startup could fail and leave the application in a “hung” state if errors were encountered during the startup process.

Now that project files are using relative paths, this will allow for much easier sharing of system projects.  With that said, look for us to be posting systems over the next few days that will be available for download.  Hopefully this will help system writers get started.

Please uninstall the old version of RightEdge.  In addition to this we recommend that you delete the installation directory in its entirety.  Also, downloaded data must be deleted as the format of the store has changed.  By default, this is located in the C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge\Stock Data\ directory.

The latest beta can be obtained from

As always, our development staff is available to help through email, forums, and instant messenger.

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